Ever since her first appearance at the age of 9 in L’adolescente (The Adolescent) directed by Jeanne Moreau, Aure Atika appeared in different genres movies under the direction of various directors. If comedy genre is perfectly suited for her (Comme t’y es belle – Hey Good Looking! by Lisa Azuelos), she also worked under the direction of Jacques Audiard (de Battre mon Coeur s’est Arrêté / The Beat that my Heart Skipped), Julie Delpy (Le Skylab /Skylab) or Abdellatif Kechiche (La Faute à Voltaire/Poetical Refugee).

Originally from Casablanca, her family moved to Portugal in 1970. Later in Paris, she studied Law and became a resident of the Ecole du Louvre.

In 1992, she lands her first big role in Sam Suffit (Sam’s enough) directed by Virginie Thevenet. Although she is registered at the Cours de Comédie Blanche Salant and at the free sessions of the Cours Florent, she is attracted by the media world and creates a magazine Au Hasard du Courrier, before becoming a host on Paris Première, a hit program of Radio Nova.

In 1997, her career takes off thanks to La Vérité si je mens !(Would I lie to you?) where she plays the role of Vincent Elbaz’s wife ; four years later, she is on the billboard again for the sequel of this success story. Playing a character on welfare in Vive la Republique (Long Live the Republic) directed by Rochant, the actress and her charming smile shines in comedies. Still in 2001, the welcoming character of Nassera in La Faute à Voltaire (Poetical Refugee), first feature film of Abdellatif Kechiche, enables the audience to discover several other facets of her talent.

The comedian sails between independent films and blockbusters movies, from the action movie Le Convoyeur (Cash Truck) to Comme t’y es Belle (Hey Good Looking!), a comedy of manners, and lets not forget her participation in a parody of spies movies (OSS 117, Le Caire nid d’Espions – OSS 117, Cairo Nest of Spies in 2006). Swaying between the two genres, the actress directs her first short film, A quoi ce sert de Voter écolo? in 2003.

These last few years have been prolific for the star who played opposite Guillaume Depardieu in Versailles, then Vincent Lindon and Sandrine Kimberlain in Mademoiselle Chambon. In 2007 she will also direct her second short film De l’Amour. She stars opposite Isabelle Huppert in Copacabana in 2010, her third movie directed by Marc Fitoussi before shooting Le Skylab (Skylab) by Julie Delpy in the countryside in 2011.

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