Herve Mimran began his career in the cinema in 1992 as assistant cameraman for the short film, Dansons sur le ring. He then worked in television where he directed the show, “ La Minute Blonde” until 2006.

It was that year that he met Géraldine Nakache on the set of Hey Good Looking! for which he was a co-writer. It was the actress’s first role and a crucial connection for them both. Four years later they wrote and directed All that Glitters in which two young women, attracted by the chic life of Paris try their hand at living there. Not only did the film win Mimran several prizes, but it brought recognition to a new generation of actors, one of whom was Leila Bekhti who won a César for Best up and coming Actress.

In 2012, with friendship still the filmmaker’s favorite theme, he and his accomplice, Géraldine Nakache set out to make the comedy, Nous York. This time it’s not just a girl duo, but a group of buddies since childhood who get together in the city (New York) to celebrate one of their birthdays.

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