James Huth, an atypical director in the French cinam world, uses Anglo-Saxon influences as well as those from cartoons in his kaleidoscopic films that can’t help but be noticed. From Serial Lover to Lucky Luke, we see him again and again as a creator of Unidentified Film Objects.

James Huth has two lives. Until he was 25 he was a serious student who placed at the top of the entrance exams for Medicine, and a brilliant dental surgeon who followed in his father’s footsteps. In spite of all of that, he made a career switch, directing his first short film, Télécommandes, and then the following year Big Dream. He then took on his first feature film, in 1998, Serial Lover, with Michèle Laroque and Albert Dupontel. This jarring comedy is about a woman who, without wanting to, kills her lovers, in a gory setting tinged with ferocious black humor.
In 2005 he came back to directing, thanks to Jean Dujardin who asked him to adapt his character Brice de Nice for the cinema. This film, which is “way out there” was an enormous success at the box office and generated a huge number of cult copies.

Two years later, James Huth made Hellphone with Jean-Baptiste Maunier. In 2009 the Director teamed up again with his favorite comedian, Jean Dujardin to make the film version of the French comic series Lucky Luke, before trying his hand at a romantic comedy in 2011, bringing together Sophie Marceau and Gad Elmaleh.

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