Jonathan Cohen stumbled upon comedy by chance. As he works as sales rep for a window manufacturer, a friend asks him to come amd see him in his theater class.
This will be a turning point for Jonathan. He resigns and takes comedy classes, then passes the Conservatoire’s exam and begins his carrer at the theater.

After several dubbing roles, he lands a small role in 2010 in the comedy Comme t’y es belle by Lisa Azuelos. The actor is noticed and hired for the second season of Mafiosa, a series on the mafia in Corsica.

In 2010, he starts in Les Invincibles, directed by Alexandre Castagnetti followed by a role in Le Village des Ombres.

On stage in 2011 for L’Entêtement, directed by Marcial DiFonzo and Elise Vigier, he then plays a lead role in Fly Me to the Moon with Dany Boon and Diane Kruger.
The following year, Alexandre Castagnetti once again directs Jonathan Cohen in the romantic comedy Loves Is In The Air.

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