It is hard to classify Nicolas Bedos. He is before anything else a writter.
At the age of 18, he starts as reader ans artistic adviser for the TV Channel Canal+.
He rapidly writes for several programs ans directs a series of short fictions called On vous rappellera.
At the age of 20, he writes several sketches for his father’s one-man show at the Olympia, the humorist Guy Bedos.

This collaboration encourages him to write his first play Sortie de scène, an instant success.
He then creates Eva, starring Niels Arestrup and, in October 2009, Le Voyage de Victor, with Masha Méril and staging his own father.
In February 2010, he writes Promenade de santé for the theater debuts of Mélanie Laurent.

His first screenplays are for the television together with producer Josée Dayan (Folie Douce in 2009, Ni reprise ni échangée in 2010, Bouquet Final in 2011).
It is for the movie Players (Les Infidèles, 2012) that he writes for the first time for the cinema.

The same year, the author switches for the other side of the camera and plays the role of Antoine, Louise Bourgoin’s unhappy husband in L’Amour dure trois ans by Frederic Beigbeder.
He seems to enjoy comedy as he reiterates the experience with Populaire, Regis Roinsard’s first feature movie.

In 2012, he plays the lead role in Love in the Air by Alexandre Castagnetti, a film for which he signs the dialogues.
He also plays one of the lead roles in L’Art de la fugue by Brice Cauvin to be released in 2014.

In parallel to his cinematographic activities, Nicolas Bedos had in 2010 and 2011 a controversial chronic in a weekly TV program. As a result, he was frequently invited on other TV sets to talk things over,

Columnist for the weekly magazines Marianne and Elle, he published a digest of his chronicles in a collection called Journal d’une mythomane.
However, his latest book, La Tête ailleurs (2013) is a more intimate and less polemical work.

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