Virginie Efira starts her career in Belgium as an actress, then as a TV host. She arrives in France in 2003 to present several TV reality shows. In 2008, she decides to dedicate her time to her first love: acting.
TV gives her a chance by giving her a part in a TV film, Un amour de fantôme, in 2006.
The following year, the young actress throws herself in Off Prime, a TV series that shows the near-real life of Virginie Efira, a show that will last two seasons.

She appears in her first feature film Barons /Les Barons, then plays the role of a not-so-stupid bimbo in Le Siffleur with Thierry Lhermitte and François Berléand. In 2009, she lands two first roles in the romantic comedies The Perfect Date / L’Amour, c’est mieux à deux, where she is taken aback by Clovis Cornillac who only believes in finding the great love of his life, and Second Chance / La Chance de ma vie, where she lives a frustrated love with François-Xavier Demaison.

After having played a part in the play Nathalie, an adaptation by Anne Fontaine, she starts in the director’s movie My Worst Nightmare (Mon pire Cauchemar) with Benoît Poelvoorde and Isabelle Huppert in 2011.
In It Boy / 20 ans d’écart, (2012), she is a « cougar » seducing the young Pierre Niney. In 2012 and 2013, she plays next to movie stars such as François Berléand (Dead Man Talking), Gérard Depardieu (The Invicibles) and François Cluzet (En Solitaire).

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