Our drive is to bring together all francophiles and promote the wonderful culture of French Cinema in our beloved New York City. We thrive to bring to market newly released movies in France for the Public’s enjoyment. Most movies are presented by their producers, directors and actors to give our festival goes a first-hand approach to how the movies came about, how they went from a screen play to a finished movie and share insider stories from the protagonists.

    At IFWES, we aim to:

  • promote interactivity between movie goers and the industry
  • bring movies in their Original language with English subtitles to entice our American movie lovers to discover French Cinema
  • encourage debate
  • bring US or International Premieres to a discerning public of active movie goers and influencers

In French with English Subtitles, Inc. is formed for the establishment and the continuation of programs for the benefit of the local, national and international movie-going public:

  • by improving and promoting the appreciation,
  • understanding and enjoyment of the motion picture industry and movies directed in French language with English subtitles,
  • to better understand cultural diversity through original language and direct contact with original art directors, actors and other professionals of the film industry.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the corporation shall organize film festivals, showing movies directed in French language with English subtitles. Invite actors, movie directors and any professional of the film industry in relation to the programs of said festivals:

  • to engage in public debate,
  • to be held in English, following the projection of a movie to help better understand the creation, the context, and the rational behind the creation.